by Marina Boytsova

In-Depth Review: 3 Facial Workout Treatments to Sculpt and Tone Your Face

Bethan King’s article, “I tried 3 different facial workout treatments to see if they could sculpt and tone my face,” published on June 5, 2024, delves into the burgeoning trend of facial workouts. These treatments, described as “cardio for …

Bethan King’s article, “I tried 3 different facial workout treatments to see if they could sculpt and tone my face,” published on June 5, 2024, delves into the burgeoning trend of facial workouts. These treatments, described as “cardio for your face,” promise to sculpt and tone without invasive procedures like fillers or Botox. The exploration of these facial workouts is both comprehensive and engaging, making it a must-read for those interested in natural skincare and facial rejuvenation.

Introduction to Facial Workouts

The article begins by highlighting the allure of a well-defined jawline, prominent cheekbones, and a radiant glow. It contrasts the new wave of facial workouts with traditional aesthetic treatments, noting the rising popularity of intensive massage-based facials. These facial workouts use techniques like facial yoga, cupping, and deep lymphatic massage to achieve results similar to injectables but without needles. Celebrity endorsements from Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow add to the credibility and appeal of these treatments.

Buccal Massage: An Intense Workout

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The first experience with facial workouts takes place at Face Gym in London, with the Buccal Massage. This technique involves vigorous massaging inside the cheeks, targeting the buccal muscles. The author describes the experience as intense yet rewarding. The therapist, or “trainer,” uses knuckling massage techniques and gua sha to stimulate collagen and blood flow before diving into the buccal massage. Significant contouring of the jawline and a marked reduction in tension were noted, likening the sensation to a full-body workout but localized to the face. The immediate lifting and sculpting effects make this facial workout a standout for jawline definition and tension release.

Facial Lymphatic Drainage: Sculpting and Relaxation Combined

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Next, the article explores Facial Lymphatic Drainage with therapist Charlotte Habibi. This treatment incorporates face yoga, gua sha, facial cupping, and a Kansa wand to stretch and manipulate facial muscles. Lymphatic Drainage technique is designed to relax overused muscles while stimulating weaker ones, addressing the fascia and facial ligaments for comprehensive results. The treatment is described as both blissfully relaxing and intensive. The sculpting effects are immediate, with noticeable improvements in jawline and cheekbones. Habibi recommends an initial series of four treatments spaced two weeks apart, with at-home techniques to maintain results. Before-and-after photos showcase the dramatic, youthful definition achieved through this facial workout.

Facial Cupping: A Gentle Approach to Lymphatic Drainage

The final foray involves Facial Cupping with Justine Masters. This treatment targets “cortisol face,” a condition where stress causes lymphatic fluid buildup, resulting in puffiness. Using soft silicone suction cups, Masters gently lifts and manipulates the skin to promote lymphatic drainage and blood flow. The session ends with the CoolJet Plasma Pen to stimulate collagen production for further skin tightening. The treatment is found to be soothing and effective, with a notable reduction in marionette lines and a plumper, more radiant complexion. Masters also encourages at-home cupping between sessions to maintain the benefits of this facial workout.

Expert Insights and Scientific Backing

Throughout the journey, the article incorporates insights from experts like Dr. Derrick Phillips, a Consultant Dermatologist. He explains that while facial workouts can induce lifting and tightening effects by stimulating facial muscle contraction and improving lymphatic drainage, more scientific research is needed to fully validate these claims. A recent study using CT scans showed promising results, but its small sample size underscores the need for further investigation. Dr. Phillips also points out that the results from facial workouts are temporary compared to the long-term effects of treatments like Botox or fillers.

Conclusion: The Efficiency of Facial Workouts

  • The article is a thorough and engaging exploration of facial workouts, offering a balanced view of their potential benefits and limitations.
  • Personal experiences, combined with expert opinions, provide a compelling narrative that highlights the effectiveness of these natural treatments.
  • For those seeking non-invasive methods to achieve a sculpted, youthful appearance, facial workouts offer a promising alternative.

The detailed descriptions and enthusiastic endorsements make this article a valuable resource for anyone considering incorporating facial workouts into their skincare routine. Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this in-depth review offers a comprehensive look at the latest trend in facial fitness.