Certified expert in holistic beauty

Welcome to Beauty Season – your personal sanctuary for holistic beauty and rejuvenation. I’m Marina, your host in this journey, a certified cosmetologist with a unique expertise in natural body healing and rejuvenation rooted in the principles of osteopathy. As the proud creator and nurturer of Beauty Season, I take immense joy in offering bespoke services that help you reach your beauty goals.


“the best facial! not only relaxing but with an amaizing result! finaly i found my go to place) thank you once again Marina for your magicπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž” – Tanya


Owner & Master Cosmetologist

Meet Marina, our Supreme Beauty Curator and Master Cosmetologist. With a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, she brings expertise in Buccal Massage, Myofascial Face Massage, and Sculptural Lifting. Marina’s passion shines through her holistic, non-surgical beauty solutions, which enhance natural allure at any age.

Marina believes beauty is a state of total wellness, and she uses this philosophy to guide her personalised treatments. Her mission is to help you feel good and look even better, no matter your age.

Join Marina in our salon for a transformative journey that redefines beauty and reinvigorates your love for your reflection.

Our Mission

At Beauty Season, our mission is to redefine beauty beyond age and appearances. Guided by holistic principles, we aim to provide personalised, non-surgical treatments that enhance natural allure and promote total wellness.

Through our expertise in Buccal Massage, Myofascial Face Massage, and Sculptural Lifting, we empower every woman to feel confident, radiant, and truly beautiful at any stage of her life.

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