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Buccal Massage for Jaw Tension, Teeth Grinding, and Ageing Signs

The Buccal Facial Massage procedure is ideal for those who suffer from jaw clenching, teeth grinding, overly tense chewing muscles, and also for those who have already noticed age-related changes in the lower third of the face: a blurred contour, the appearance of jowls, and drooping corners of the lips.

Discover the Benefits of Myofascial Face Massage

A Myofascial Face Massage is a manual massage technique aimed at rejuvenating the skin and contouring the face, completely replacing the injection, machines and surgical methods.

If it is important for you to achieve real changes in your appearance: restore smoothness and firmness of the skin, reduce swelling, smooth wrinkles, raise the contour of the face and return the young radiance to your face, all this can be done through face massage

What people say about us

My recent Buccal massage session with Marina was totally worth it!!! After just one session, my face felt tighter, the shape of my face became more defined, and even the corners of my lips lifted up.

Irina A.

First time trying Beauty Season and couldn’t be happier with the results.
After Biological Facial my skin looks youthful and radiant.
Thank you Marina for the most amazing & pampering facial.

Karina N.

I recently had a facial with Beauty Season and it was an amazing experience! Marina, the beauty therapist, was extremely warm and welcoming throughout. She explained every stage of the facial process in detail and gave me an incredible facial massage.

Vlada V.

True beauty is about embracing our authentic self. Nourishing our face is not just about surface beauty, but also a deep caring for our inner health. As we take care of our skin, we take care of our whole being.